About Colby Palmer

Colby Palmer
Here's my mugshot du jour, from Gravatar.

Greetings! I am an experienced technology executive with a strong platform engineering background, known for building high-performance application platforms, mentoring dynamic software development teams, and managing rapid growth.

Web applications, content management systems, and media delivery platforms are my specialty. I am proficient in several programming languages, but prefer Python with Django and client-side MVC / Javascript, running on AWS. I am interested in realtime communication, entertainment media services, and VR/AR technology innovations.

I am an energetic team leader who is deeply technical, hands-on and committed to my craft. I have a proven track record of attracting and retaining top talent and fostering a positive, collaborative team culture. Familiarity with all parts of a platform stack give me a unique ability to see how all the pieces fit together and communicate between teams.

What I Do

  • Technology team leadership and developer process tuning
  • Platform architecture and content management systems
  • E-commerce / marketplace / subscription payment platforms
  • High-availability, autoscaling cloud server configuration
  • Django/Python application development
  • Javascript / client-side MVC frameworks: Ember, Angular, Node
  • HTML5/CSS3 responsive web design
  • Interface design / UX / product development
  • Page scraping, Web bots, video/audio/text chat, search backends, etc…

Favorite Tools

Some things I enjoy working with, in no particular order:

Pet Projects

I build things just for fun, and maintain some open-source software:

Past Work

I’ve been lucky enough to work with a lot of world-class Internet and entertainment brands:

I’m also a musician (guitar, trumpet and more), music fiend, beach runner, father, husband, lizard owner, and foodie.

If you wish to contact me, try @colbypalmer on Twitter or my contact form.